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I am a family man elevating my voice to continue to responsibly make Carmel a great place to live, work, and play. I’m a husband, an at-home father of two, and an involved citizen who cares deeply about our city and the people in it.


I grew up in Freeport, NY (on the south shore of Long Island, a town slightly larger than Westfield), with my parents and my younger brother. I come from a family of veterans (my father and my uncles proudly served) and educators. My mom was a teacher and a principal, and my aunts were also teachers. My parents served as wonderful role models and they always emphasized the importance of education, hard-work, and respect for others. 


I moved to Carmel in 2014, from the Maryland/Washington/DC area with my wife, Danette, and our son, William III. Two years ago, we welcomed the “Lil Boss” of the family, our daughter, Ava Jane.  


I hold a B.S. in Business Administration and an MBA. I have over 20 years of experience in managing government organizations, evaluating and analyzing budgets, and leading performance improvement efforts in the private sector as well as in state and federal government. 


Currently, I am a stay at home dad. Like many of you, I am a hard-working Carmel resident. I am also a Democrat, but I am not defined by my politics. I am here to serve the people of Carmel and will passionately and fairly represent the views of conservatives and liberals alike. 


Some of my beliefs that are paramount and lacking in our City: Diversity, Transparency, Fiscal Sustainability and being Independent; a Check & Balance.  


While my focus is on addressing the above-mentioned issues, I plan to ensure that we continue looking forward with the embrace of innovation, ideas and new perspectives through focusing on local growth & reinvestment, technology upgrades (municipal wireless network), transit (Redline project) and affordable housing.

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It’s now time that our city council is more reflective of those who may hold a diverse array of opinions. For too long the Council has been a monolith, controlled by one voice and one party. It is time for a change.  Having different perspectives represented on the Council would allow for increasing innovation, acceptance and problem solving capacity. 

My experience and passion is in performance/process improvement and diversity and inclusion.  I know how to best lead change,  eliminate inefficiencies in Government and embrace and coalesce around innovative concepts, different methods/approaches and new perspectives.

Additionally, I strongly believe that local government should be representative of the constituency that it serves and currently that is not the case. 


I believe in open government and citizen engagement.  When a government is transparent its citizens can see its inner workings—its processes, procedures, budgets, priorities, plans, and decision-making strategies. In a transparent government, the public’s business is conducted in the public view, and is subject to review, discussion, dissent, and even corrective action. Transparent government is conducted out in the open so all can see what is going on. 


Being fiscally responsible is a bipartisan position that both Republicans and Democrats can claim. I know that there is an optimal point where we can be more fiscally responsible in improving our great city ( (i.e.: infrastructure, business development, innovation, and technology) and properly managing our debt to make certain that Carmel is strong and thriving now and for the longterm.  



The Carmel City Council is part of the Legislative Branch for our City; the Council is also charged with the oversight and authority of our City's budget.  For the longest time, Councilors have acted at the behest of our long-serving Mayor by acting as a "rubber stamp" or a "blank check".  The Council has the responsibility to serve as a "check and balance" on the spending, lack of proper debt management and power of Carmel's mayoral administration.

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